Creating a Cozy Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks used to be staples in the average kitchen. Before the
advent of the eat-in, center islands, or great room designs, homeowners
loved sitting down with their first cup of coffee in the kitchen. Often this was
in the breakfast nook; a small space carved out of the kitchen where the
family could enjoy a casual meal or break.
Recently, floorplans have considered this lifestyle element by incorporating
the kitchen into the general living area, but not all homes have the space
for this. But a kitchen nook does not need to take up a lot of space. Even if
you have only a small area to work with, you can create a lovely little space
to enjoy the morning.
· Install a Bench – If you don’t have enough room for a table and
chairs, consider installing a bench. A small built-in seat in a window or
corner can also add storage under the bench.
· Use a Bistro Set – If you do have a little corner, a small bistro set
can add charm and utility. Most fold easily for storage too when not in use.
· Head Outside – No one says the breakfast nook has to be in the
kitchen. If you have a patio or deck nearby, breakfast in the sun is a lovely
way to start the day.
Finally, however you create the space, use your décor to emphasize the
area. A cozy throw pillow on the bench or quaint tablecloth and flowers will
make a huge difference and add interest to even the smallest kitchen.

Simplify Your Décor with 5 Monotone Palettes

Decorating a space can be overwhelming, with so many colors, patterns,
and textures to choose from. One way to simplify your décor and create a
cohesive look is by using a monotone color palette. Monotone palettes use
different shades and tones of a single color, creating a serene and calming

Here are five monotone palettes to consider:

Shades of Gray
Gray is a timeless and versatile color that can be used in any room.
Choose a soft gray for a calming bedroom or a dark gray for a moody living
room. Use different textures like a plush gray rug or a chunky knit throw to
add interest.

Soft Blues
Blue is a soothing color that works well in bedrooms and bathrooms.
Choose a soft blue for the walls and add accents in shades like aqua and
navy. Incorporate natural elements like a woven basket or a seagrass rug
for a relaxed beachy vibe.

Warm Neutrals
Neutral colors like beige, tan, and cream create a warm and inviting
atmosphere. Mix different textures like a chunky knit pillow and a woven
throw for added interest. Add pops of greenery with a potted plant or vase
of fresh flowers.

Earthy Greens
Green is a calming color that symbolizes growth and renewal. Use different
shades of green, from olive to forest, for a natural and earthy vibe.
Incorporate natural elements like a wooden coffee table or a jute rug for a
rustic feel.

Greige, a combination of gray and beige, is a great alternative to pink. It
works well in any space, adding a touch of warmth and sophistication. Use
a greige tone for the walls and add accents in shades like taupe and
cream. Mix in metallic elements like a copper vase or a brushed nickel
lamp for a touch of elegance. Incorporating natural elements like a woven
rug or a wooden coffee table will also add depth and texture to your space.
Overall, greige is a versatile and chic color that will bring a sense of calm to
your décor.

In conclusion, using a monotone palette can simplify your décor and create
a serene and calming space. Whether you choose shades of gray, soft
blues, warm neutrals, earthy greens, or greige, incorporating different
textures and natural elements will add interest and depth to your space.

How to Live Like Your Home is Professionally Staged!

Believe it or not it’s quite easy to live in your home as if it were professional staged. Here or my tips for creating beautiful peaceful spaces with little to money involved.

Let’s start in the Living Room

First create a focal point with seating & try not to use up the entire space, think couch, love seat & chair or couch & 2 chairs depending on size of room. You already have furniture so removing excess will be of no cost. Next, think about adding a few throw pillows & a throw blanket or two, if you do not already have these pieces you can find for little cost at places like TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. Create a vignette on the coffee with a small stack of books, plant or flower & wooden box or basket to hide those ugly remotes. Most important tip is to fix & fluff the pillows each evening after use & put away remotes; it’s amazing how you’ll feel after waking up & walking into a fresh clean space.

Now…let’s move into the kitchen

You want your kitchen to be clean & free of counter top clutter. Put away all appliances that are not used on a daily basis, think only toaster & coffee maker. Use decorative dish towels, transfer your hand soap & dish soap to decorative glass dispensers & get a pretty dish for your sponge, & try to use the white or beige sponges, better yet, get the wooden handle brushes. If you do not have the space then store everything under. the sink. Important tip, in the evening wash all dishes or transfer to dish washer… you thank yourself in the morning, trust me.

Next stop…the bedroom

With the bedroom, if you do nothing else…MAKE YOUR BED. Yes, that simple, make your bed every morning. It sets your day off on the right tone with a feeling of accomplishment & at the end of the day, it feels so much better getting into a neatly made bed. Speaking of freshly made bed, it’s important to invest in good bedding, sheets, pillow case, duvet cover. Think about adding in a couple accents pillow & a throw blanket. If you do not have a head board or do not want to invest in one then I suggest creating the effect with 2 large Euro Pillows & shams. Keep your nightstands free of clutter, if you can, get nightstands with drawers to put away books & other odds & ends. So I am a firm NO TV in the bedroom kinda gal but my husband likes the idea of watching TV in bed…the compromise is a TV that looks like a painting or piece of art when not on. Last but least keep the laundry in the closet or get a decorative covered laundry hamper. Bottom line is, you want your bedroom to feel like a tranquil retreat awaiting you at the end of a hard day.

Finally…the bathroom.

You want your bathroom not only be clean, but to look & feel clean as well. Very much like the kitchen you can accomplish this by removing everything off the vanity & into a cabinet or under the sink, there should be nothing but a hand towel & hand soap (in a decorative container) left on counter. Display bath towels for decor & not everyday use, I prefer all white towels & a fluffy white bath mat round off the clean look but I know that can be hard to accomplish for some.

That’s it on the basic rooms of the home, if you would like ideas for other rooms comment or call or text.

5 Modern Details to Update YourTraditional Living Room

It’s winter & cold & you may be feeling less than inspired by your home decor. Fortunately, you can get a fresh look for your living room without major changes or breaking the bank. Here
are 5 cool modern accents you can use to update your living room this

  1. Hyperrealism Art – This art form mimics traditional realistic
    photography or art, but is designed to evoke an emotion rather than just
    recreate the scene. Emotional pieces of any kind provide a unique focus to
    the room.
  2. Modern Accent Chair – An accent piece of furniture, such as a chair
    or table, can immediately add depth to the room. It can be a unique shape
    or texture; anything that breaks with the overall style of the room.
  3. Modern Art Décor – Pillows and vases are a simple way to update a
    room. Consider adding a low sleek vase for a single rose or perhaps a
    knot-shaped pillow on the floor by the fireplace.
  4. Curves – Soft curved lines are gaining popularity. Gone are the
    sleek, harsh lines of the past few years. Add a simple round mirror to a
    corner wall to not only add softness, but a mirror expands the area and
    reflects light, brightening the room.
  5. Extra-Large Lighting – Design magazines are featuring giant,
    oversized paper lanterns. These can be colorful and boho or soft colored
    and subtle, but a fun and inexpensive way to add a quick update to a
    traditional living area.
    Whatever you decide, there are endless ways to create a more eclectic
    living room while giving your home a boost this season.

The Basics of Home EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming commonplace in American households. While
these innovative cars may allow their owners to pass the gas station, but they still
need fuel which means that access to a charging station is important to keep
these owners on the road.

To provide easy access to electricity, many owners are opting to install their own
charging stations in their homes. This allows easy overnight charging and less
stopping while driving around town. Typically located inside a garage, home
charging allows the driver to avoid long waits for on-the-go charging or going out
of their way to find a station.

Unlike a standard electrical outlet, EV stations have a specialized charging cable
that allows a quick charge for the vehicle. The charging cable may be generic or
brand-specific, depending on the model and make of the car. The stations are
connected to the home’s electrical system and the energy used will be added to
the electrical bill each month.
Solar-Powered charging stations have also become increasingly popular. This
involves adding solar panels and batteries to the charging station and powering
only the charging unit. This can be added even if the homeowner does not have
solar power for the rest of the house.
As more people embrace EV technology and car companies offer more models
and styles, electric vehicles will become more commonplace. By learning about
the manufacturer’s specifications and using professional installers, adding a home
charging station will make owning these cars an easy transition